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 Antonio Gagliardi

"Antonio was always available and eased the stress of buying and selling a home.
 Antonio and Vanessa worked great together and made our real estate transactions concise and complete. They were very responsive and available to my many, many phone calls and eased our anxieties in the uncertainty of real estate transactions. We were very happy with the professionalism and expertise shown from your real estate team." -Stephanie 


Barbara Alonso

Barbara was terrific, she was always available I would recommend her to anyone buying in the area.  Jeff went out of his way to be helpful and close on time.” –Tore and Susan


”Barbara was wonderful. Any questions or concerns I had, she was right on it; Always willing to go the extra mile. She is an asset to your company. I can't say enough about Barbara. Going through probate is very difficult. She was always there to answer any questions. She was in contact with our attorney to make sure things were right on task. I would highly recommend her.”      -Deborah


Carolyn Mullican


 “Carolyn looked out for us and was nothing but professional. She knew the business and was very efficient. We had full confidence in her opinions and directions.” – Robert and Jan


  “Our Journey to buy a home was a long one - 1 1/2 years and 11 contracts in the making with many disappointments along the way. Through all that I can honestly say that Carolyn is a wonderful real estate agent and one of the nicest people that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Many realtors would have abandoned us after several contracts had fallen apart, but she never gave up and always encouraged us with a "Can Do" attitude even when the Mortgage Market fell to pieces and our prospects of buying a home had become thin. It was her creative thinking and ideas that helped to changed our approach and finally allowed us to purchase our little piece of paradise in Merritt Island. If this all sounds a little too perfect as feedback you will have to forgive me, as I am biased. Carolyn exhibits sales skills which I find to be very comfortable - and after all this time I consider her not only my realtor but also my friend. Being from New York I do not like "Pushy" sales people... in fact being pushy is the best way to get me out of the door quickly. I like honest, friendly, straight forward speaking people who genuinely care about what they are doing. That is Carolyn in a nut shell. My mother will be retiring to Florida in the next couple of years, and it is a safe bet that I will be connecting her with Carolyn to find her a new home. Thanks so much for all the patience and hard work.” –Brett


Debbie Sanders

"Ours was a complicated transaction because Tracy is in Afghanistan and Sharon is in Panama (the country). So everything had to be done by phone, scan, email, and there were powers of attorney, etc. Debbie did her best to keep everyone informed and coordinated." -Tracy and Sharon


 “Debbie handled the purchase of our present house, as well as the sale of our old one. She's a credit to your firm and your profession!” - Mike and Erika


 Jackie Canniff

"She was Wonderful" - Jennifer


Jason Engle

"Very Helpful, we felt he went out of his way to help us."


Jo Ann Haven

  "Jo Ann was amazing. I would refer Jo Ann to a friend and anyone else for that matter. Jo Ann was so helpful and made this process very easy for both my and my husband. Not only did she answer all of our questions but she was there whenever we needed her. We called her early mornings and sometimes late in the evening and she always answered our calls and made us feel very comfortable. She treated us like family. I will call her again for any of our home purchasing/selling needs in the future." –Stephanie


 “Jo Ann did a phenomenal job keep up the great work.  Thanks for everything she did to make our first home purchase easy and fun!” -Christian and Stephanie


 “Jo Ann is a great person to work with. She finds out what you are looking for and doesn't waste your time, showing you property that is of no interest to the buyer. I have worked with realtors over the years and find Jo Ann to be the best one I have had the pleasure of doing business with” - Beverly and Lisa


 “JoAnn is the best. She was always there and always willing to go that extra mile to make the RE processes a pleasant experience. I have bought and sold over 50 properties and JoAnn is at the top of the heap. Mitch, you should thank your lucky stars for having a person such as JoAnn on your staff.” - P. DeAngelo 


 “In the last 32 years we purchased 6 homes, and Jo Ann was indeed the BEST Real Estate agent we had. A Job Well Done! Jo Ann knows a tremendous about short sales. Her timely response to my first email signing up with your agency for free MLS service for my criteria in home buying is what linked us together. Through the whole process of looking at property, Jo Ann had a very positive attitude toward every property we viewed. Her expert advice in answering our questions is what helped us most in securing the purchase of our home.” –Joseph


Lew Veltri

 "Lew Veltri gave me the best and most professional service I've ever had from a Realtor!" "Immediate and knowledgeable responses to all of my questions -and thank you for everything!" –Maria


 "Thank you so much for helping us through such a long process. Everything worked out perfectly!" - Joel and Laura


Lillie Jaren

"She was perfect on this transaction" -Cora


"Lillie took us under her wing 4 years ago when we first asked her for guidance in buying a second home in the area. She has shown us many listings, helped with market research, taken extra photos of houses we were interested in, and has been available when we had questions. I can't think of anything to suggest that Lillie could improve. . Lillie was very personable and friendly, helpful and knowledgeable about the local market. She got to know what we were looking for in a house and kept us informed on what was available. As a commercial real estate appraiser in Upstate NY, I interact with realtors across this state. Few of them can be classified at the level of professionalism that Lillie exhibited." -Don and Lori Fisher 


Lisa Baldwin

“Lisa Baldwin did a remarkable job. She anticipated our needs and advised of throughout the entire process. I don't have a recommendation for improvement. If I ever need a Realtor again Lisa would be the only one I would call. She is a great asset to your business. She is honest and delivers information in a timely and very straight-forward manner. Those are qualities that my wife and I felt were extremely important to us. We are very happy Lisa was our Realtor."


Lucy Bunch

 “Lucy is an asset to your company. She is personable, honest and very knowledgeable in her field. It was a pleasure working with Lucy and we are very happy with our new home. Thank you.” –Neil and Beth


Matt Payne

"This guy is 5 stars all the way!!!!....Matt was very professional and accommodating. Could not have had a better experience. Polite, courteous, knowledgeable and a perfect gentleman. It was a pleasure meeting and working with him."  - Barry 


"I would definitely recommend Matt to anyone looking to buy a home. He always made time for us and never showed us houses above our price point." -Chloe


 “Customized Searches for Appropriate Properties. Matt is a very thoughtful listener and adapts to how you react to each property. He lets you look and does not over sell. He has a great way of personalizing his approach and reminding you of your reactions that allows your search to evolve. This is especially helpful when looking at a number of properties in a short period. Matt is the best we have had. I've had 11 searches and closings across the country. Matt was not only personable and a great listener but he guided us through the entire process and acted as our advocate. He didn't try to frame things just for the sale. He actually picked the property we bought as the first consideration. It was new construction so we put it down the list. We saw 25 properties and were narrowing it down when we finally relented and saw his first recommendation. It was the one! He was always prepared, on schedule and helps with overly aggressive listing agents in a very polite way.”  -John


"Matt was the best realtor we could have worked with. He was incredibly patient, helpful, and professional. Especially patient. He always made time for us, arranged viewings right away, worked with our schedule, and never pressured us. He was honest in his assessments, and reassuring when we needed it. He kept us informed, answered all our questions great and small at all hours of the night and weekend, and made adjustments where necessary to ensure we closed on time. He even came to help us fix a few things after closing at the new house. He made the entire process as smooth and easy for us as possible, and we definitely recommend Matt for anyone buying or selling a home.
We feel very lucky to have worked with Matt, Katie, and the Tropical Realty team. Thank you!" -Etin & Gareth


Maura Hawkes

"Nothing...she was wonderful theough this whole experience...she was there anytime I needed her no matter what time!!! She even referred me to a 2nd bank after being denied a mortgage from 1st lender!! I loved working with her and would do it again!! 
Can't express how grateful I am with Maura...she did in 3 weeks what another realtor couldn't do in 3 months...I love Maura for all that she did for me and my family." -Janette 

" Maura hadn't been taking care of business.Thank goodness she answered the phone when we called Tropical Realty looking for a realtor. She was our advocate - made you feel like her most important client. Always available. Great attitude. Great results. Thanks Maura" -Kathy


Melissa Goldman

 “Melissa was very helpful and pleasant, we will be listing our townhouse with Melissa.” – Waltz


  “I've had the occasion to work with a few agents over the years. Melissa is the most professional and trustworthy I've ever worked with. She's also a great person.” - Joseph and Marie


 “Melissa went out of her way to make our dream come true. Just when we thought all was lost, she pulled through for us.” –Frank


Melissa was wonderful and a pleasure to work with.” -Sherri


Mitch Ribak

“Excellent customer service, not only Mitch but the complete agency.” –Louis

"You were determined to find us our retirement home. After many homes, we finally found our perfect home. You were always honest and lovable! We don't just adopt anyone! Thank You!" - Joe and Dian (Mom and Dad)

"Mitch, you had an excellent knowledge of the area and knew exactly what I was looking for. You were always in a good mood and were willing to help me whenever I needed anything. Thank you for all your help!" - Ann B.

"Mitch, you helped us through every step and went beyond your duties to make sure the experience was painless. Thanks for Everything!" - Brian and Meg

"Mitch, we could not have found anyone that we feel could have done a better job. You were always there to talk to us. You were successful in finding us a home and we could not be happier. We would love you to come by (you know the way)! You made a wonderful difference in our lives. Thank you so much!" - Lisa and Dave


 Ned Meloni

 "Ned is the best Realtor I have dealt with, his knowledge and professionalism is the tops and I have purchased and sold over 15 homes, I plan to use him in the future for some more investment." -Bruce


“Ned went so far above and beyond the call of duty! He was flexible with my schedules and dealt with our water disaster in a prompt, competent way. I recently purchased a home in Philadelphia and the service I got from Ned for my small unit in Florida was so much more professional and attentive that I wished he could be the agent for all my transactions!” – Linda


  “Great Job & Quite persistent to find what we wanted.” -Louis


 “Ned was great. I contacted him for the first time on a Wednesday, he sent me probably 75 listings to choose from per my specifications, showed me about 4 houses that next Monday, I fell in love with the last one, made an offer the next day, needed to close quick, by April 30th. Ned made it happen! I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a realtor. Great guy and very knowledgeable about the whole process. Thank you. He as referred to me by someone else and I would definitely refer a friend to him.” -Linda


  "Ned's resourcefulness helped overcome obstacles more than once. We are so thankful for him and his hard work." -Dale 


“Ned far exceeded our expectations. He is thorough, informative, professional, and personable. He is knowledgeable, honest, and clearly listened to the criteria and acted in our best interests...we will highly recommend Ned. You are very fortunate to have him on your team." -Paige and Casey 

“There is nothing at all for Ned to improve upon! Ned went above and beyond for us. His knowledge and expert planning and going the extra mile was impeccable...We were not easy clients as we had never sold a house before. Ned explained every step of the way in detail and multiple times. He was phenomenal.” -Shawn 


“Ned's assistance was invaluable and Ned exceeded our expectations…Ned was on top of everything thruout the process and was always available whenever we needed to confer. He made buying a home a great experience for us, especially being 1000 miles away.“- Lawrence 


Robert Norton

"No Improvment Needed. He did a great job and was very, very patient in my request f what I was looking for. Robert stayed with me until I found the perfect place...I believe we were looked for almost two years. I certainly will recommend Robert Norton and Tropical Realty."                                                                   -Louis  

"Robert Went above and beyond to help us locate and purchase this home. I would actually consider him a friend." -Gary


Sarah Raver


"Sarah really did a awesome job! She was very helpful with any questions we had during our house search. She was always on top of things. We had a lot of questions and concerns since we were first time buyers but Sarah was very patient with us & friendly! -Tiffany and Chris


Sammi Shapiro

 “Just over two years ago I began looking to purchase a condominium  in Brevard County. I found Tropical Realty on the Internet and made a phone call to the Melbourne office. As fate would have it I ending up speaking with Sammi. She enrolled me in the 'listing cart' for the properties that matched the criteria I was looking for in a beach home. Through the months and years as I kept my pulse on the market and continuously emailed and called on Sammi to answer any and all of the questions I had.  No matter how big or how small the question Sammi was always available to research the information I was seeking. And as I stated, this business relationship went on for over two years. Throughout this process Sammi's input was invaluable.

Last fall I finally had the opportunity to fly down and meet Sammi in person. We looked at over a dozen properties in Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach, the two area's I decided I wanted to buy in. Even working with a limited budget, Sammi was able to show me around and I had an offer in on a property and all seemed to be going well. Then at the last minute I was informed by the mortgage broker the bank would not lend to me despite being pre-approved before hand and my willingness to put down 30%.

I left Florida a little disappointed but had several things reaffirmed to me. One, I knew the exact area I was going to buy in (thanks to Sammi) and two, I knew that with Sammi Shapiro as my real estate agent, I was in good hands.

So fast forward from mid-October to Thanksgiving day. I opened my email and saw a new listing on Cape Canaveral in an area Sammi familiarized me to. I called her on Thanksgiving day to wish her a Happy Thanksgiving and asked if she could get out to the property as soon as possible. The next day, on a Holiday weekend, Sammi drove out to Cape Canaveral and called me as she walked thru the condo, essentially being my eyes and ears as I was over a thousand miles away.

Because of the relationship I developed with my realtor, I was confident in her assesment and without even looking at the property myself and going soley on Sammi's input, I put in an offer that was excepted by the seller within the next 48 hours.

On the day of the closing, December 16, 2009, I flew down from my home in Connecticut and met Sammi at my new condo on the beach...and was I surprised! Not only was the condo just as she had explained, but in my eyes it was even better. Let me put it this way, out of all the condo's I had looked at with Sammi in October, this was by far the nicest, and $30,000 cheaper than the one I had originally had a deal in the works for.

I hope my story has shed a bright light on what an outstanding colleague you have in Miss Shapiro.  Had it not been for her hard work, patience, honesty and determination, I truly believe I would have never seen my dream of owning a Florida beach house come true. Words just will never be able to describe how fond I am of Sammi. I always knew she was working for me and will be forever grateful to her for her efforts.

I have had many friends and colleagues express their interest in working with Sammi after talking about my experience working with her. That combined with the pictures of my beautiful beach getaway, I assure you, I will be sending more buyer's Sammi's way.” –Steve


 “Sammi went out of her way to help in Any and All ways, day and night until the deal was done. You could not have a better person in your company. Thanks again for all your help.” -James


  “Sammi was excellent in every aspect of her services to/for us. We really enjoyed working with Sammi she is very professional and a very nice, enjoyable person, we will miss her....” –Susan and Doug


  “I have bought many homes in my days, Sammi ranks very high for making this experience smooth and conclusive.” –Joe


  “Sammi was a joy to work with. Professional, accomodating at every step and in the end, a new found friend. I couldn't recommend anyone higher.” –Kirk


Sammi was very helpful, caring, and made things so less stressful in the purchase of our first home. I would definitively recommend her to my friends and family. She is one of the nicest relators I've ever met. Please commend her for a job well done. She stayed on top of the contract negotiations and dealing with the seller agent and sellers. Great job Sammi” –Rachanee



Shane Turner


"Shane was an incredible agent. We encountered a variety of challenging circumstances (due to appraisals, inspections, and other issues which were unrelated to his services as a realtor), but he kept a calm presence through it all. I could count on him to answer any questions I had, no matter how strange or how early/late in the day/night. It's obvious that he loves his work and truly sees it as a service! Shane did an excellent job! I can't think of any improvements."-Steffanie


"Nothing I can think of. Shane was pro-active and extremely professional with every aspect of the transaction." -Marc 


 Shane was super personable without feeling fake. He was in my corner when the buyer started getting unrealistic. He bent over backwards to accommodate a renter that I had on the property that was actively trying to prevent the sale" Allen


Walter Ferrero

"He was very professional" -Bryan

"Walter was extremely timely when responding to all my concerns. He worked hard to make sure Betty and I were satisfied with every aspect of our home purchase ....Walter found us the perfect home for us. " Would Refer him without a doubt....Let me also say that your office staff were also very helpful." -Allen

”I will refer my Realtor, Walter Ferrero. He was awesome! He answered all my questions and was able to make my dreams come true! I love my new home. I'm very thankful to him. “ -Dana 

"Friends recommended Walter Ferrero to us when it came time to sell a property. While we interviewed several realtors, he rose above the others in personality and drive - - and we are SO glad we chose him. Our property went to MLS at Noon on a Wed and we had 18 offers by 1 pm on Saturday! The street had a traffic jam because so many people wanted to check out our property because Walter had good pictures and a great description in place for the listing. Walter did such a great job of hand holding and staying in touch with us that we asked him to show us a few properties after closing and we are now in escrow for a new home! If you are seeking a realtor with integrity, honesty, drive and a passion for his job, then you MUST pick Walter Ferrero; you will be very happy you did!" -Sindi

"Professional, courteous, available, honest, loyal and trustworthy are just a few of the long list of adjectives that describe Walter. I would be happy to recommend him to anyone I know who needs a world class real estate agent to help them sell or buy a property!
Walter eats, breathes and loves what he does for people. We all know the agents who are in it for the money, but working with Walter is not about what you can do for him (by way of that commission) but always about what he can do for you. His commitment to making your sale or purchase go smoothly is refreshing in a world filled with those looking to make the quick buck at any cost. (And they generally leave you at closing wondering what just happened - not the case with Walter!) We've been blessed to sell one property and purchase another over the past four months and can not imagine having worked with anyone else. We will be selling one last property come the fall and will trust Walter with this last listing knowing the heart, soul and dedication he will give to the process. We can honestly say that Walter has become our friend as well as our agent!"     -David

"This was the BEST expierience I've ever had buying a home. This man is highly profesional and all-around great guy. He was very helpful to my family and myself." -Michael